Super Sexy Cop Costume and Dress for You

The Bedroom Sexy Cop Costume completes your exciting role play! The costume consists of a fishnet body with matching accessories such as a police cap, tie, mini skirt and insignia. The body is made of soft material that thanks to the elasticity perfectly fits your feminine forms. Complete your sexy costume with fishnet stockings and show that your will is law!

Sexy Cop Costume


  • Available in the following sizes: S / M, M / LP
  • shaft shape: Form-fitting
  • Size: Normal

Washing instructions-

  • Washing temperature: Hand wash
  • Sleeping: No
  • String: No
  • Chemical cleaning: No
  • Drying drum: No

This Sexy Cop Costume while wearing gives you a feel to be a dominator. You will dominate your partner with your moves and sexy expressions in police costume. This is an amazing way to express what you want to feel actually while love making. You can buy this sexy dress and experience the lively moment of passion, power, and lust. The dress co. Es in various colors and patterns. The black cop costume let you show your strong side in love making while the white one shows that you love the gentle play.

This is a super seductive police costume for women with form-fitting bodysuit and intimidating body harness. The dress is super sexy with deep cleavage and hot pants. It gives a feeling of arousal to your partner when see you in this outfit.

If you want to buy this sexy Cop costume, you should search online. The material used to make this dress is of optimum quality and gives you the feeling of super confidence and sexy.